H1Z1 – Hate to Say I Told You So

So, H1Z1 has “launched” in “early access”.  Or more specifically, SoE has had people pay to get into open beta.  Enough relating to the previous post it’s actually painful.

Anyways, onto the fun part of SoE simply being SoE.  H1Z1 was originally sold as a zombie sandbox in a F2P market that would avoid many of the pure P2Win issues.  Specifically, in a survival game, the material/weapons you get are the way you define and continue to progress.

So first this.

Then this.

Then this from Smed himself.

I don’t really have a whole lot to add to this debacle, other than the title of this post.  Curious as to what Keen will have to say about this, given he’s been the largest blogger proponent I’ve come across for the game while also the biggest hater of F2P/P2W games.  Maybe another Allods post is incoming?

4 thoughts on “H1Z1 – Hate to Say I Told You So

  1. I posted a similar comment on Healing the Masses, but am I the only one who is upset that they charge for Early Access to a F2P game and immediately begin adding pay for anything elements? To me, that just screams, “Our first concern is financing, not building a working product.”


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