Laundry is Fascinating

Just some random thoughts that came to mind while doing the laundry today.  First interesting factoid, my wife hates laundry and I don’t mind, so we have a deal where she’s not allowed to complain about dirty clothes piling and I can do it when I want.  Deal works just like you think it would.


As an adult, we have boring socks.  I have maybe 6 types of socks, split between white and black.  It makes getting pairs together somewhat easier and making dress choices that much more as well.

Kids, not so much.  I don’t think they have a matching pair between both of them.  Oh that one has cats and that other one too, but that one is purple and this one is green.  It’s like a goddurn puzzle every time I’m putting stuff through.  Actually, it’s more like building something from IKEA where it sort of looks like the right piece, but it isn’t, and you always end up with spares and the end.  And then you find the matching one 2 months later.


What weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of rocks?  Which one takes up more space?

A solid load of adult clothes is maybe 2 dozen articles, if they are small.  Kids?  They are a quarter the size, so their clothes are the same.  It’s like a basket that doesn’t have a bottom.  And with 2 kids close enough in size, you’re wondering which fits which kid.  Or that it fits them at all.  Stuff it in the drawers, dress em later and find out.  And of course, the stuff that doesn’t somehow ends up back in the wash.

Colors & Choice

Kids have us beat here.  They can wear pretty much any color they want up until their teens, when they actually start caring what others think.  Mis-matched socks, a yellow shirt and purple pants?  Why not?  Birds up top, fish on the bottom, sure!  Frozen and Elmo?  Why not?

Adults get so bland as they grow up, then they have to express themselves with witty t-shirts.  Or be a hipster and have trouble walking up the stairs.

Kids have it good.  Real good.

3 thoughts on “Laundry is Fascinating

  1. Laundry fascinates me. My wife has been training me from “don’t you dare touch MY clothes if you do laundry” to “you are becoming a good folder”. I don’t mind it. I separate the colors and darks and also the dryer-friendly and the ones you have to hang. It’s Zen-like to wash and fold. Sort of a renewal of sorts, clothes get “baptized” frequently. Was away the dirt! The sins! The..

    oh crap. I am not only responding to a laundry blog post, but getting all metaphorical with it. Still, funny that I was just thinking how many hours we can do laundry in a week, and it made me start to think of how many hours we spend doing “menial” things in our lives. If you add it all up, do you lose a year of your life brushing your teeth? Two years from laundry?. That’s why it’s important to appreciate things that you are doing and do it well. That fold will make my 9 year old’s cloth look wicked when he puts them on for school. Maybe he gets elected to class president (he did) and goes on to run the country in 40 years. See? Laundry is worth it!

    (I had a long weekend and am fairly tired, can you tell?) =)

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