More Time

So, I have a beard.  Well, perhaps not a full Gandalf beard, or a biker bear but enough for my liking (and my wife’s apparently).  It’s enough.  I trim it on a weekly basis out of habit with a mechanical trimmer.  This week, from lack of attention, I set it at the lowest setting.  So now I have stubble.  Which reminded me of a joke I once heard.

What’s the difference between a good haircut and a bad one?  Two weeks.

And I think that accurately reflects the status of a lot of things.  Give is a bit and things tend to even out.

What with the release of WoD in a day, and me being on Stormrage, one of the only servers I know of that still has a queue on regular days, it certainly looks like launch day is going to be a crapfest.  Wait 2 weeks and things’ll die down enough, what with free server transfers a near-guarantee.

Which is sort of akin to all MMO launches I guess.  You wait 2 weeks after the date they are going live and then things are stable.  That initial wave of players simply goes back to work and moves on.  Plus for me, things are sort of on a decent run right now.  WoD is a few weeks before the Revan expansion in SWTOR, which is a couple months from the FF14 expansion too.

Then there’s the steam sale…oh boy.

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