Whatcha Playing?

I won’t hide the fact that I love a bunch of games.  That’s what this blog is all about really.  I won’t hide the fact either that my roots in a given game are not very strong.  The last vestige of that person died during the LK early raiding days.  I mean, I like the social guild aspect, truly I do.  I’ll run dungeons, visit houses, chat it up.  The game has to be decent enough mind you.  But the deep roots, those really only get established 3+ months after launch with a stable core of players.  ESO for the first month had people dropping like flies.  I made it to month 3 of WS and the guild went from 40+ active a night to 2.  (Sidebar to Wildstar, worth the read I find.)

I think nearly all MMOs have their merits in one shape or another, and depending on their patch cycles and what’s in that patch, I’ll stick around or not.  The following is a list of the MMOs I tend to track activity on the most.

WoW’s patches are usually pretty decent and can keep me around for a month or 2.  That they take eons to come out is why they are leaving so much money on the table.  Plus they still treat alts like crap, outside of heirlooms and achievements.  I’m subbed now since I got the WoD patch.  I am honestly back out of habit as none of the proposed features are standing out to me.  I would be surprised if I get to Christmas.

SWTOR’s patches are pretty neat but fairly spread out.  I like a lot of things about the game and really the main detractor for me was the incessant zoning.  It’s oddly better with the housing system they built though, which is pretty nice.  I think I’ll go back once Revan is out as Makeb was a good gaming spurt.

RIFT is pretty solid though the content patches are a little too spread out for my tastes.  With only 4 base classes, alts aren’t such a problem since every class can play any role.  And the AA system is neat and housing too.  Sadly, it doesn’t scratch that itch anymore and the real benefit is from long-term investment.  It does a lot of things well, with no real soft spots but no peaks either.

ESO is a different game today than it was at launch.  Story is still solid and the classes are better balanced.  I don’t get VRs at all as it’s an artificial time gate to see the end game.  I mean, you’re max level but not really, so you need to solo to reach max level+.  I was wanting multiplayer Skyrim – I got something different.  That’s ok, just means it’s for someone else.

Wildstar is over 3 months since the last content patch and still riddled with bugs.  The next patch doesn’t have a date but it is on the PTR.  A game just frigging littered with potential and squandered through astoundingly poor decision making.  GW2 is at least B2P, so shitty decisions you’re not really paying for.  But WS…just wow.  I can’t think of a game that has such a massive disconnect between casual and hardcore.  The 1-50 stuff is pretty decent.  50+…if you have any concept of what raiding and stat management means, then this game will suck your soul dry. It’s just so frustrating to see clearly logical errors that have been present for 6+ months still not fixed.  And seeing all the devs leave ship/get laid-off, doesn’t really inspire any confidence.

FF14 had a recent patch, with a new class and job.  I’ve always liked this game, with a somewhat slower pace.  It doesn’t require alts unless you want a different race or a server … and even then it’s not so needed.  It’s well balanced, content patches are regular quarters with dungeons, raids, classes, items, quests and a slew of other items.  I mean, 2.4 gave more content than some games have in expansions.  I’ve recently re-subbed as I firmly believe it’s the best game on offer for the price.  My White Mage is in the mid-40s, so still some ways from max level.  White Mages suck solo, which is a hilarious reminder of my vanilla warrior and priest runs.  Dungeons are where it’s at with zero queue, just need to have the 45 minutes uninterrupted for it.  The absolute best part of this game though, is the social aspect.  The initial rush is done, the game has a high enough skill level that the face rollers can’t get past level 20 and people are generally quite nice to each other.

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