WoW – Old Content With New

Continuing on the theme from the previous post, relating to the quality and quantity of content in a themepark, I decided last night to take a stab at some achievements.

As before, Raiding With Leashes is still on the table and I was able to pick up 2 more pets. I think I’m down to 5 left, which isn’t too bad.  At 90, even a fresh 90, my characters are more than strong enough to take on any particular event in those raids.  Well, except the first boss in BWL, which requires some practice to avoid a wipe, given that you need to keep the boss alive while he’s being attacked.   Of interest, given that MC and BWL are next to each other, it’s easy to compare.  I can get both MC/BWL done before I can get Naxx or AQ done – simply because I use a Rogue with stealth.  This is really pushing me to boost my Druid to 90 with the WoD package.

After I ran all 4 raids, which was a bit less than an hour of work, I decided to knock off the Hallowe’en achievements for candy buckets.  First lesson learned is that the individual steps in an achievement are not seen across the account, only the completed achievement.  More specifically, if an achievement requires me to visit 50 inns, those inns are not shared across all characters.  I had 2 left on one character and knew that I had another one logged into those actual inns.  I swapped over and blank achievements.  Once I went back to the first character, completed those 2 inns, it unlocked the achievement for everyone.

Second lesson.  On Stormrage, it is next to impossible to find anyone from the Horde, making some achievements really quite hard to complete outside of PvP.  It’s like a 99:1 ratio.  CRZ sort of helps and it was merged with another one (no idea why, it’s been high pop for 10 years) but it’s still a pain.

Third lesson.   I don’t like PvP achievements.   Children’s Week is the worst offender but they all stink.  They make people play PvP for the sole purpose of achievements and not actually for PvP.  These are often people who would never even set foot in PvP in the first place.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have meta achievement, aimed at a more casual though OCD crowd, mixed up with additional content.  I mean, are we looking to add event-based  achievements to LFR too?

Frustrations aside, I am realizing that I have a slightly different perspective on expansions than most.  Rather than see it as a bunch of new content moving forward, I see it also as opening up a bunch of previous content I never had a chance to see.  It’s been a solid 7 years since I was in Desolace, for the XC attunement quest.  Yet I was there last night and was impressed by the progress.  Burning Steppes, Stonetalon, Bloodmyst, Netherstorm, Sholazar, Twilight Highlands… all zones I had spent a ton of time in previously and simply forgot they existed outside of some words on a map.  Hunter pets, battle pets, achievements and archeology are all great ways to get me to go back.

It’s certainly a different set of eyes looking back on where you came from.

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