Back From Vacation

3 weeks away and I back, is I.

It was an interesting vacation this year for a few reasons. Prime is that I lost my phone the first week (though got it back) and didn’t have any reception for the 3rd week. I was interweb-less! I spend a lot of time reading on-line, way more than most people. Without that outlet, it was a little rough at times. I did get some fishing in but with a 2 and 4 year old, it’s not the easiest thing to plan out. Second interesting factoid was that it either rained or was cold (~15C/60F) for nearly every day but 3. I don’t personally mind the rain so much but after a while, you start to get cabin fever. Third, I got the stomach flu – actually everyone did. Not fun.

I do wish it was more of a vacation to recoup, as was my cruise in the spring. Ehh, still was fun spending time with the family.


I am still subscribed and see myself doing so for quite a while. There are good reasons, and the guild is one of them. But after a month, I think I can put out a decent summary of the game, as I did with ESO. The next post will focus on that. Suffice to say, I’m having fun.


I’ve touched on this in the past, where I have a passion for social analysis and a near fatal attraction to analytics as a whole. Recent conversations have provided me with a more vocabulary to properly explain what that actually means. This goes to an old issue where someone asks another person to “prove” that they love someone – in other words provide evidence on a non-physical item. I think I’ve found adequate wording to assist with that, and as to how my brain works. That’s also a future post.

All told, glad to be back at the writing desk.

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