ESO – Bug Report

I know I mention the bugs in ESO and I’m guessing a few people think I’m exaggerating.  ES games have been known to be buggy, what with the open-ness of it all.  I never really minded that part, as you could save/reload and try some wacky things out.

MMOs though, I am less used to buggy launches.  I mean, really less used to it.  The last one that launched with this many bugs was Star Trek Online, at least in recent memory.  FF14 aside.  ESO is getting buggier the farther along I get.

Is this a multi-verse?

Is this a multi-verse?

The one above happens every so often, especially when the particular NPC follows you around.

What book?

What book?

This one happens way too often.  The little lights mean there’s a book, or a note or something to interact with.  /reloadui doesn’t work, so that means that  the item is just below the world line.  I’ve seen this a few times in other games with resource nodes, specially mining nodes.  Those I sort of understand, what with the randomness and the fact that they are used when collected.  These though, these are manually placed.  I don’t get why the person who placed them didn’t put them at the right spot.  Maybe on a server reset they come back?

There are plenty of dungeon bugs too, some that prevent you from completing them.  Frustrating.

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