And… I’m Back

Last week was a write-off.  I went back to the Office but simply could not get into a good headspace.  We had my uncle’s casket viewing and that pushed me a fair bit overt the edge. I mentioned the feeling of presence and honestly, whenever I closed my eyes or stopped to think, some memory of him came to mind.  It stopped me cold and I had to find a way to control the waves of images.  I picked up FFX-HD last week and that kept me sane.  An hour in that, then some time to collect thoughts and just repeated for the rest of the week.  On Saturday, the family celebrated by Dad’s, Wife’s,  Cousin’s (son of late) and Aunt’s (wife of late) birthday.  That went well and I had a few drinks remembering my uncle.  I am far from “over” the death, simply in a state of capable coping.

On a side note, I find people’s reaction to the event ever interesting.  One brother is using work to keep his mind busy (his other half is taking it hard). My sister was on a trip down south until Saturday, so it’s surreal for her.  My other brother I haven’t seen at all during this.  My father took a week off, which I’ve never seen him do.  My grand-father is not well at all.  One cousin is more like me, a wreck while the other is stoic yet I think even more hurt than the former.  As I said, interesting.

I’ll have a post up later on about some gaming info but for the time being, I just wanted to come back up for air.  Apparently there are people here.

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