So I Want To Be a Hero – Quest For Glory

No word of a lie, I can clearly remember getting Hero’s Quest for Christmas when I was younger.  I unwrapped the gift and saw the picture below and could not wait a second more to get back home and play the game.

It all started here

I had played a few shareware games, Commander Keen and whatnot, by that point but this was the start of my fascination with games.  Now the game series had to change titles because of a boardgame with the same name (which was also awesome) and turned into Quest For Glory, spanning 5 games.  I remember even buying the little books as guides, with the red plastic window to read the clues.  I played all the games, extensively (even 4, which was notoriously buggy) and was saddened when 5 was announced as the last in the series.  Which, in my opinion, spelled the death of Sierra games.

Tears aside, Syp’s recent foray into nostalgic games had me thinking I could do something similar with QfG.  Let’s see how that goes!

Building a Hero

First off, QfG is a mix of adventure and RPG, with most of the focus on the former.  You class, either Fighter, Thief or Magic User, impacts the types of tools you have at hand in any given puzzle.  Most of the puzzles have many solutions, depending on your level in your skills.  For example, a Thief with Flame Dart can attack at a distance rather than sneak around.

For my tastes, I have always been drawn to the Thief.  They have a subset of missions in every game that just seems more fun.  I opted to make a Thief with a set of points in every skill, allowing me to try anything out.



And off I went.  Sent into Speilburg (this game is notorious for puns), I meet with the sheriff at the gates to learn about some brigand problems, along with a curse from a local ogress.  Get rid of the brigands, rid the land of the curse and become a hero – sound simple!

I head next door to the inn and meet some cat folk.  Always cat folk in fantasy games, don’t really know why dogs aren’t around more…anyways.  Nice people, got robbed by the brigands and now they have to lay low, charge me a pretty penny for a sloppy meal and then ask me to find their stuff.  I don’t know, maybe give me a free meal and I’ll think about it?


I explore a bit more of the town afterwards.  Hit the Guild Hall to learn about being an adventurer.  Buy some magic spells from Zara, buy some apples from the cute centaur and sit down for a mug of beer and some stories at the pub.  Looks like this peaceful town has a thieving problem, which is right up my alley!

At night, I find a shiny coin in that same alley which leads me to the thieve’s guild.  Buy  myself a license, train up a bit on lockpicking and hit the town.  Only 2 houses to lift from and very little within them, maybe a few gold total.  There are many ways to die however, of which I find quite a few novel ones.  That cat is especially friendly.

Time’s up in the town, let’s head out into the wild!


Until the next chapter.


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