Driven to Fail

It should be no secret that I have a rather large dislike towards EA.  I think that their business practices are predatory and abusive, that they are supremely out of touch with their user base and that their games are, by and large, a massive waste of 1s and 0s.

FYI – did you know that Lucy Bradshaw, the person responsible for Sim City and probably the largest launch failure in gaming history, was promoted to Senior VP? I think that speaks volumes on the executive atmosphere running shop.

Back to point!  I have not paid for an EA game since SWTOR (and that was somewhat free, given online work paid for it).  I read about them.  I enjoy watching the company stumble. I do not like the human impact (job losses) from clearly un-accountable management.  I think F2P gamess can help here.

So, I can play an EA F2P game since there’s no money going their way from my pocket.  This gives the devs some positive feedback on their game (if there is any to give) and doesn’t give the executive their pay bonus for hitting an ARPU milestone.

Dungeon Keeper launched a few days ago.  I really loved that series and the re-incarnations.  Overlord and Evil Genius are still two of my favorite games.  Maybe I just like being bad?  Anyhow, DK is a F2P game in the same vein as Clash of Clans.  Build a fort, upgrade it, defend it and raid others.  It is extremely poorly paced compared to its competition, and therefore really pushes for their cash-only gems to be spent to move through faster.  Still, I’m driven here to play to see EA fail.  It’s a really refreshing motivator, very meta.

3 thoughts on “Driven to Fail

  1. What makes you blame Lucy Bradshaw for Sim City 5 issues (it was a poor executive decision to be always online, which was slimy, I agree) and how is this the worst MMO launch? I agree the launch was horrible, but there have certainly been worse (Vanguard immediately comes to mind).


      • Heh 😀

        Well I couldn’t agree more about how they botched it. And you’re right that making it offline is a non-verbal admission of failure. I was holding my breath for Diablo 3 to follow suit, but Blizzard is too rich to really care about making that offline so I best exhale. I just might get SC5 now. I’ve loved the franchise up until 4 but the idea of always online turned me off from it.


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