Raptr Report

One of the best features (or depressing perhaps) of Raptr is the yearly reports on gaming it provides.  My 2013 report hit my spam box and I just realized it today.  Let’s see what it has to say.

734 hours total…6 games at 50+.

I can’t say I’m surprised by the numbers.  When I play, it’s usually in bursts and that means I leave the game on and do something else.  Diablo 3 is a super example of that, where the game would simply be on in the background.  I wasn’t even playing the core game, I was playing the meta AH trying some strategies on market gaming.  I had some crazy formulas running for a 1 month period and ended up making about 1 billion starting with a pool of 100k.  I never wrote about it mind you, my bad.

Neverwinter is next with 80 hours.  I am pretty sure my blog still comes in the top 10 search results for that game.  It’s a solid game and the reason the numbers are low is… it was a late spring launch game and I was out of gaming completely for nearly 5 months after that.

WoW is at 80.  Same as D3 to be honest with you.  Market gaming, very little else.  I’d go back every major patch, LFR for a week and then tinker around.  Meh.

FF14 at 72.  That’s in 2 months too.  My subscription ended in November and while I’d like to go back, time investment is an issue.  It’s a great game.

Marvel Heroes at 50.  This is actual play time too, so I’d bet that I actually have more in-game time here than I do in D3.  Still installed, still get a few hours a week in there.

Guild Wars 2 at 50.  This was fits and spurts.  Some days went well, others went poorly.  I’m glad it’s successful but it is not for me.

I am curious as to the hours played calculations overall.  Infinite Crisis should be much higher.  Hearthstone as well – I spent well over 2 hours just getting it to work on my tablet (streaming).  Ducktales was a 2 week affair.  Perhaps that means that the other games are also under-reported.

Funny that clearing FF7 is my best achievement.  I guess it just goes to show that I really like gaming.  Here’s looking at 2014!

One thought on “Raptr Report

  1. While I don’t have as many hours, I certainly logged a ton on Civ5, Fallout New Vegas and Hearts of Iron 3. It’s not depressing though. Better than watching TV! For me anyway.


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