FF14 – Wall Breached

Previous post alluded to problems with Brayflox – namely the final boss Aiatar, a poison spitting dragon.  Challenge complete!

There were many factors to success, which I think was a super smooth battle.  1) the rest of the group was smart enough to avoid damage.  2) the tank had defensive abilities, in that she was taking half the damage of all my previous attempts.  3)  the tank avoided all but 1 AE attack.   4) I used a bit more of Cure 2 to fill in the blanks and overheal.   Super!

The actual fight is rather long for a boss fight, even by FF14 standards.  Well over 5 minutes.  I don’t think there’s any boss in WoW outside of a raid that takes anywhere close to that long today.  Heck, there are FATEs that take what seems to be 10 minutes to clear with tons of adds and damage (Cancer is a super example).

Happy gamer is me!  I also finished up the remainder of the zone quests for the Company of Heroes to get closer to the Titan fight.  This story is amazing.  I can see character progression in the writing which is surprising given the amount of dev time on this game.  ~15 more levels to go on the main quest line.   Should be a fun trek.

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