Lego Marvel Heroes

You caught me.  I’m a sucker for Lego and for TellTale games.  Like stupid sucker.  Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings.  Got em.  Finished them all to 100% (on PC or console).  Marvel Heroes is the most recent one.  Steam + Big Screen + logitech controller = super cool.

Doc Oc is going down!

Doc Oc is going down!

First, the roster is pretty amazing.  Other games in the series, you were stretching the character base.  How many Uruk hai variants did you need in LOTRO?  Batman even had some weird ones.  You can’t say that so much here as Marvel is just chocked full of characters to pick from.  Each character has a subset of skills.  Strength, range, magnetic, telepathic, digging (really? Wolverine?) and a bunch of others.  Where past games might have had 6-7 skill sets, it feels like a dozen here but I could be off.  Plus, it’s hard to agree on what a skill set is.  I would think Peter Parker is a smart guy but apparently he’s not.

The game is open world, which is nice.  Sort of like LOTRO.  After the first few missions you can explore a fair bit.  Unlock enough and the world just seems massive compared to previous games.  You still need lego bits to unlock things, gold bricks, canisters and the whole wazoo.  I don’t get tired of these mechanics as the story is pretty interesting.

I like the humor in the games.  Sarcastic and self-effacing.  It knows how to make fun of the source material.  Again, not moving far from the pattern in other games just the particular implementation is rather nice.  “Levels” unfurl in a cool way, since they aren’t scripted to any known canon.  You have as much a chance of seeing Doc Oc in a level as you do Hawkeye or Hulk.  And that’s pretty neat.

The zones themselves are still linear but there are more puzzles and more 3d movement.  It really pays to explore off the beaten path.  I love the exploration and “wow that’s cool” moments in video games and this one does the job. It’s also something you can play for 10 minutes and not worry about lost progress.

If you’ve ever played a Lego game or are looking for a  Marvel Heroes roster that’s near complete, this is a sure fire bet.

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