A Turtle, a Hydra and a Bird Walk Into a Bar

I think I might have found the most unique post heading ever.

The thought process behind raid bosses intrigues me. Do you design the encounter around the boss or the boss around the encounter? Is it “hey, let’s make them dance! Maybe the boss will be a transforming radio!” (p.s. Please do this).

Maybe it’s more like a D&D game where a dice is rolled and they look up their ability table. This one gets an AE cleave, a shield, a chain attack, and what the heck, random invulnerable minions.

How do you make memorable bosses with recycles mechanics? SWTOR’s recent raid has a boss that has a future/past mode which sounds cool. It’s better than the previous round’s mash of DPS races. I like bosses and challenges. Ninja Gaiden and Dark Souls are solid examples of tough yet rewarding experiences. I can do 6-10 of those bosses. Wow, if my math is right, has about 400 bosses. I’m talking Stockade, C’thun, Lurker, Mimiron and the like. Just the variables to make that seem somewhat unique are impressive.

I do like Neverwinter (and apparently Wildstar) approach to bosses, what with a more action-oriented approach. There are still bosses in Wow today where you never have to move an inch. I think the concept of “more than just numbers” is going to be the way forward. Think the challenge through. Brute force can work too but the smarter move should be the better one.

One thought on “A Turtle, a Hydra and a Bird Walk Into a Bar

  1. Whilst there are indeed bosses in WoW where you never have to move, there are no such new bosses in WoW! In fact a common complaint is that the fights now require so much movement that casters can’t ever stand still long enough to cast half of their spells! I’m sure my DPS is down a third on some boss fights due to the number of spell-casts I have to interrupt before I get the spell off. In fact, Gevlon famously quit WoW during the cataclysm because the boss fights were “too dancy”.

    By the way, I came across your site from a comment you left on Syncaine’s site. Keep up the good work!


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