Linear Progression

I’m rather fond of GW2’s linear level progression. Each level is more or less as long to complete as the other. Makes for a smooth ride and set expectations. Compared to Rift’s absolute massive timesink from 51-60, it feels great!

The downside is the concept of power progression. You unlock pretty much everything by level 5, then wait until 80 for a few tweaks. It’s better than Wow where you go 10 levels and then have to learn a new playstyle but the forward goal building is intangible.

I’m curious as to how TESO and Wildstar address this core component. Either the stretch the content to fit the timeframe (how many orcs can you kill before your eyes bleed) or they make all content relevant at all levels (ala GW2)

It’s interesting how much that design decisions impacts my playstyle.

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