Can I Have The Car With That Kitchen Sink?

Wildstar.  Lovely, lovely Widstar.  First – read this.  I’ll wait.


Let’s go over the list so far.

  • Great art – check
  • Levels – check
  • Integrated zones – check
  • Dynamic content – check
  • Active combat (avoid the fire!) – check
  • Talent system – check
  • Customization – check
  • PvP – check
  • Dungeons – check
  • Housing – check
  • Mentoring – check
  • Dungeon housing – check?
  • Focus on tactics, not zerging – check
  • End-state content – check

I know of no game that launched with all this working.  I know of only a few that had half this list working.  You’re lucky if you get 2 of them right these days.

There are 3 possible outcomes that I can see.  First, the most probable.  The game launches, has everything in it, works about 50% of the time.  Two, the game launches, everything is broken and it’s a massive failure.  Three, they somehow manage to pull of the most amazingly smooth launch in history and become a shining beacon of tomorrow.  I’m hoping for #3, but I’m betting on #1.

Well, there is a fourth one.  Carbine is going to pull off the most massive troll prank in the history of gaming.

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