BioShock Infinite is out, after what seems like 20 years of dev time.  It also seems to have universal acclaim.  The interesting part about that link is that it’s not a review but Metacritic’s assembly of reviews.  I have issues (still do) with Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes and a pile of aggregate sites.  Their definition of “Critic Reviews” can be, enlightening.  IGN might show up 3 times, one for the US, one UK and one for the Aussies.  I can’t fault the site for having reviews a week before a game launches, though in the recent SimCity debacle you have to wonder when there’s a 30 point spread between the average, top and bottom scores.

Yet here we are at BioShock Infinite, scoring a whopping 96 with 40 reviews already in.  I can say I have more faith in these reviews because the game experience is the same offline or on – you know, since there’s no online.  Still, when you look at the list of all-time best PC games, it comes 5th.  I have played nearly every game that’s scored a 90, so time will tell if it does merit the score.  Even more so if it beats out the first game, which was a masterful story with solid mechanics.

Another side comment – the game is available on Steam for 60$.  I can’t remember the last time I paid 60$ for a game on Steam but in this particular case, I couldn’t really come up with a good enough reason not to give them my money.  Years of work, apparently a kick ass game – why not?

These past month has probably been the best in recent memory for games. Scratch one though.

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