Gold Spam is Gone

One of the things I think everyone on the planet has a distaste for is gold seller spam in games.  Some games it’s absolutely ridiculous how pervasive it can be.  WoW used to be really bad until gold became next to useless in Cataclysm since everyone could get thousands a day with next to no effort.  Any game with a monetary system that actually makes sense is going to be spammed.  Read into those last 2 sentences a bit…Games that are Free to Play to start are the worst offenders (see TOR lately, or LOTRO).

Anyhow, when I look at action RPGs like Diablo and Torchlight the same problem occurs to differing degrees.  D2’s set stat system had trade chat spam but it was out of game.  D3’s auction house, I’ve covered on dozens of occasions now, but remains to say that it’s one of the largest gaming failures I have ever seen from a player perspective and not from a developer’s perspective.  Torchlight’s randomness and upgrade system makes trading impractical on the long.  Gear is important but character builds more so.

Then comes Path of Exile.  Action RPG in the same vein as D2 and Torchlight.  Stat based, tons of gear and walls of trade.  But no 3rd party spam.  Why?  Because there’s no money.  Every single trade is bartered with PCs and NPCs.  Want that sword?  2 orbs of transmute.  Axe?  Maybe two scrolls and an armorsmith piece.  I am curious as to how this works out in the end but the best part is that any spam in game is from other players.  And that’s the type of spam I actually WANT to pay attention to.  Not having to filter out gold spam is such a nice thing, I didn’t realize how bad it was in other games until now.

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