The Secret World

The subscription model did not harm SW:TOR, SW:TOR seriously, if not fatally, wounded the subscription model.


I, along with what seems a few thousand people, waited until The Secret World dropped its sub fee to give it a shot.  Even better news, the game is buy to play rather than free to play, so there’s no massive hindrances left and right.

I picked up the game on Friday, put in about a dozen hours and am pleasantly surprised with the quality of the game.  I know I would not have subscribed for more than a month but for a pick up and play game, pieces at a time, it’s got a fair amount to show.  I really dig the setting, maybe a bit less the enemy models and do think that skill-based games (not twitch based) are more fun than the typical themepark-level-based games.

You know how SWTOR spent millions on voice acting for all quests?  TSW spent it for the main quests and not for the side quests.  And the writing is actually decent enough so that I’m not wishing for a spacebar to skip everything.  Context is key, I actually care about the story and I’m looking forward to each unveil.

Give it a shot.  You’ll have a hard time finding more content for 15-30$ (depending on where you pick it up).  You’ll also realize that this business model (as GW2 before it and DDO to some degree) might be the wave of the future.  Funcom won’t make a cent unless it’s something you WANT to buy.

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