What's in an Expansion?

Gamespy has a quick article with guesses about the D3 expansion.

Here’s my list of what will be in it versus what should be in it.


  • Act 5.  As long as Act 3.
  • Set in Mount Arreat again (or some other location we’ve seen before)
  • Hunting for Adria
  • New class – melee/casting hybrid.  Likely the druid
  • Level boost (10) and a few new skills per class
  • New crafting mechanic that has some purpose.  Rune-like enchants.
  • New item art, serving no in-game purpose

What should be in:

  • Randomized maps
  • Mode that doesn’t allow AH and has ladder
  • Companion quests
  • A social voting system to catch botters/hackers.

Knowing who is running the show, I’m not holding my breath.  D3 was certainly profitable but I doubt Blizz is calling it a success.  The RMAH experiment was a success in practical terms.  They now know how it works and how it interacts with the game.  Clearly it was a “buy to win” mode since launch.  The game also released about 6 months early, from the sheer amount of bugs in game at launch.  A profitable lessons learned event.  Can’t be mad about that I supose.

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