Up to Kun Lai

WoW Sha of Anger

So I moved up into Kun Lai which as a different feeling to it compared to the rest.  Plenty of temples and kung fu mystery.  It also has a slightly different flow as you start off with 2-3 quests and then you get shot around the entire map, at your own pace.

Quite a few fun quests along the way too.  One had me shooting flaming barrels at enemies.  Another one had me riding a giant yeti to smash some monkeys.  Plus, lots of hot air balloons.  It’s sort of like a bunch of mini-stories that try to tell a larger story.

What is most interesting is that I’m no longer slaughtering animals left right and center.  Now it’s hozen (monkeys) and trolls.  Lots and lots of trolls.

I also found the black market.  This is a single NPC that runs an on-going auction for rare (ish) items.  Be it mounts, pets, gear or what have you.  People bid against each other and once the time is up, someone wins it.  This is a giant money sink.  Some of the items are BoE, which means it is in direct competition with the Auction House but the majority are BoP, which is a nice boost – especially for mounts.

Finally, I find the power increases quite funny.  The Monk has an insta-death skill, as long as you have more hit points than your target.  Through most of my travels, I’ve always had more hit points after the first hit, so fights were about 2 seconds long.  I hit a dip from 86-87 where enemies seemed to have a lot more.  I’m back above that curve now, sticking with over 210K hit points.  The lowest level raid boss, Razoregore, has 400K hit points.  I am easily killing enemies with 1 million hit points right now.  I think it’s fair to say the power curve is such that I could solo any raid up until Cataclysm now and probably a fair amount of Cataclysm to boot!

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