Missing Best RPGs

This links up to the previous comments on best RPGs.  I was thinking about it a bit more, while watching kids movies of all things, and two more came to mind.

First up is the Dark Cloud series, notably the second one.

This was an interesting series as it required quite a bit of playthrough to complete.  You needed to rebuild your towns, players and buildings at a time.  You also needed to build your gear up over time.  This required components, sub levels, transformation and piles of grinding.  I think this would make a great MMORPG in a group setting.  LOTRO sort of used this with Legendary Items, Istaria with their towns.  Sadly, the series wasn’t expanded but I think the spiritual successor will be Wildstar.


Second is Eternal Sonata.

This is an odd one certainly.  This RPG follows the real world music composer Chopin and uses some typical RPG standards with a few twists.  Chopin died at a pretty young age and this fantasy take on his life is one of the most interesting RPG stories I have ever played – no tropes here.  Combat is a decent mix of tactical and action, using light and dark (from shadows) to power your moves.  This dynamic battlefield makes for some cool battles.  Well worth trying out to any RPG fan.


There are certainly other RPGs that fit on this list.  As I come across more, I’ll definitely refer them here.

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