The WoW Rogue Dilemma

My first WoW character was a Rogue.  Asmiroth was created 15 minutes after the first servers went up and was my main all through Cataclysm.  I saw the highs of Lich King and the lows of Vanilla/BC.  The playstyle was a direct rip from the Assassin in D3 and one of the first classes the game made available in beta.  It was so set in stone that it had the same talent tree from beta to BC.  All that to say the following.

The Rogue’s time is over.  Monks are the way forward.

WoW Insider covers some of the points for me.

Right now, Rogues have increased group stealth going for them for Challenge Modes.   Other than that, there’s next to no reason to play them.

  • Monks have better mobility
  • Monks have a more fluid combat style (see the Insider article)
  • Monks deal better burst damage
  • Monks can swap targets (points are per monk, not target)
  • Monks have better defensive options
  • Monks can heal themselves and others
  • Monks have an AE rotation
  • Monks can spec to Healer or Tank or DPS

I remember hearing about the monk a whole while ago and thinking “I hope they address Rogue issues”.  The difference between a Cataclysm launch Rogue and a MoP Rogue is next to nothing.  Still use poisons, still use auto-attack, still energy starved, still need to ramp up damage, still stuck on single targets.

It’s a sad day but today, I hang up my daggers and put on my claws.

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