Dragon Age 3

So today we learn about Dragon Age 3: Inquisition.  I don’t know if this will close the loop on the DA franchise but there are some interesting items to note.

First is that they are using DICE and Frostbite2 as the engine.  This is the same engine used for the Battlefield series (again, EA at work).  The engine is pretty good but it’s also meant for multiplayer massive battles with environmental destruction.  DA is pretty much the opposite of that.  So that’s interesting.

Second, BW is taking the step to combat rumors and lead with some minor details.  This is a smart move but also risky.  Too much talk about a game too far before launch can kill the vibe of the game.  Timing is crucial. TOR is a super good example of this gone bad.

Third, they say they are listening to the fans who played the first two.  BW has in the past acknowledged that DA2 lacked the polish of the first, especially in the “content variety” aspect.  Hopefully that gets addressed.

I am cautiously optimistic about this game.  It’s still an EA brand game and I’ve stated clearly I won’t put a penny into their pocket, but from an outsider point of view, perhaps this can help redeem the BW luster it seems to have lost this past year.

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