Moar RPGs!

And again with the list.

EvE Online (60).  This could be a 3 month conversation about what defines RPG in the MMO space.  One of the few games where your in-game role is incredibly linked to your out-of game role.  Of very important note, nearly 80% of the playerbase only does PvE while that 20% is what the game is truly selling to the masses.

Freedom Force (58).  Now this is an RPG!  Tactical RPG combat, with a 3d isometric view, thrown in some comedy elements.  This is the Marvel Superheroes ARPG games 10 years before they came out.  Nearly every game since then has followed this formula.  The graphics don’t stand up to well, but everything else does.

Mass Effect 2 (57).  I kind of expected IGN to put this in their top 10.  It dumbed down the original and went for a more action vibe.  If you look at the parts, they are average or below while the whole somehow comes together well.  Except for the last 15 minutes.  Oh, and that stupid planet harvesting.

JRPGS (55-46).  I don’t have a particular comment on the games themselves, only that as a whole, the JRPG field is definitely middle-of-the-pack.

Disgaea (45).  A grind-fest if there ever was one.  You could complete the basic game with minimal grinding, though a fair amount of tactical challenge.  If you wanted to kill the hardest boss (level 100 in i-world), expect a solid 100 hours of grinding.  This game changed the way I viewed RPGs so that it was purely math by the end.


So there weren’t a whole lot of games in here that I played, namely because of the JRPG vibe and not having access to most of them where I lived.  As stated above, most are average and a few brought some cool innovation to the genre.  That being said, many of them you could simply swap the characters from one game to the next without any impact.

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