It’s official!  Hell, I think I might play the game again once it goes live in November.

The features list is incredibly vague. Given that raids have a 1 week timeout already and there are only 3, wouldn’t the free people have an actual leg up on the paying people?  Limiting flashpoints is even weirder.  It’s like they want people to stop paying them.

So what’s left in the subscriber world?  The Secret World probably has 4-5 months before going F2P, the game seems built for it.  TERA has under a year.  RIFT’s expansion will decide it’s fate (currently has ~30 servers, over 1 year after launch).  WoW’s expansion will boost numbers to stupid levels due to pet battles but time will tell what the market says it should do.

So at the end of the day, there are only 2 MMOs that are subscriber based themeparks that I consider AAA.  WoW and RIFT.  Well near 50 games have come and gone.  Amazing.

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