EA Stock

I mentioned a while back that EA was taking a drumming in terms of stock value.  Today’s stock number puts it at a 50% loss since SWTOR came out (along with the Mass Effect 3 plateau in March).

Now two things to note.  First, I don’t want the coders and testers and grunts to lose their jobs.  They are making an honest effort at quality.  They just don’t have a say in what that quality is, the executives do.  It’s an unfortunate aspect of the business but it’s also what’s causing a huge proliferation of independent developers after their corporate burnout.

Second, I want EA to lose even more money.  I want investors to destroy EA and Activision  so that the “for profit, not gamers” mentality dies a fiery death.  I want the days of Interplay, BioWare (pre-EA), Blizzard (pre-AV), Sierra et al. to come back.  We aren’t far from there right now, thanks to mobile gaming and cheap laptops with Steam.

I am sick and tires of another WoW, of another Call of Duty, another Madden.  There are hundreds of them out there, all fighting for the same piece of the pie.  My wife never games until I showed her Puzzle Quest a few years back.  No one is fighting for her to buy their games or for the 40 year old with 2 kids and a mortgage.

The good games are still out there, but the bad ones, damn, they are stinking up the place.

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