Another Exec Leaves BioWare

From Gamasutra.

Yet another casualty in the BW/SWTOR saga.  This time the main project lead for the entire game.  Even if he left on his own accord, this is essentially the CEO of SWOTR saying bye-bye.

For a game with so much potential and so much money thrown at it, I don’t understand how it simply is not doing what is necessary to get financial success.  I cannot believe that it took 6 months to make an LFG tool (which is amazing by the way).  I can’t believe that they still don’t have functioning ranked PvP (which every competitor has).

They hedged their bets that there would be enough people who wanted to play alts to keep the game afloat long term.  They did say 500K subs would be enough and apparently they are still above that number.  Why there are massive lay-offs and cries for Free to Play from the developer is beyond me, other than EA screaming they need the money back.

SWTOR was the last great hope for a new AAA themepark with a subscription model.  Rift seems to be still doing strong, TSW is surely going to go F2P in a few months and then Elder Scrolls will fail in amazing fashion.  The genre is done

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