Nerf or Planned?

Another Blizzard dev post triggered this post.  Currently, Act 3 &4 drop rates have seen a rather sharp decline than before the 1.03 patch, which was supposed to improve overall rates.  Here’s the particular quote.

With all the said “development and testing” that goes into these patches, how did the development team not identify the current loot table/drop rate issues? Doesn’t make sense.
The drop rates in 1.0.3 are exactly as they’re listed in the 1.0.3 design preview blog, so there were no issues as far as validity/accuracy of the changes. Obviously a reduction in drop rates later on in favor or increased drop rates earlier on (and overall more high end items circulating in the economy) wasn’t very popular. We agree it was a bad change, so we’ll be correcting it, but it wasn’t a quick enough change to get into 1.0.3a.

There are 2 ways to read this.

First, the drop rates for Act 3 & 4 were originally higher pre-1.03 and they purposefully reduced the drop rates.  This seems absurd.  Completely absurd.  Why would they reduce the rewards for the absolute hardest content?

Second, that they think there are too many high level items in the game at low levels – like Act 1 – and that they plan to make changes.  What changes?  Reduce the drop rates for all items?  Drop rates aren’t a problem, the AH is a problem.  Even a 0.1% change over 1 million Inferno players is 1,000 items.  How are they addressing the issue of bad high level drops?

Blizzard sure does make you scratch your head with their comments.

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