Did You Really Buy It?

In a move that it sure to astound every gamer on the planet, Blizzard has decided to no longer honor your digital purchases for the first 72 hours.  Basically, you buy it and get to play the free-to-play version for up to 3 days.  I am pretty sure this amounts to fraud in some countries.

The irony of it all is that Blizzard (more specifically Activision) makes more money per day now on the RMAH than on box sales, so they can technically crap all over their playerbase as long as people are paying real cash for items.  And they get to take 15% off the top, twice.

Well, this just put Blizzard on my do-not-buy list.  Amazing that EA and Activision have managed to burn their bridges so effectively and rapidly.

On a side note, EA’s stock price has dropped 50% in the last year, more specifically since TOR’s launch.  A topic to expand on another post.

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