Back Into the Fray

I have an ever insatiable itch to scratch when it comes to gaming.  It is my way of decompressing.  Well, next to hockey, working out, golf and family time that is.  Finishing the day with a game has just been a part of my routine for so long, it feels weird not to have it.

As I mentioned a few times now, Diablo 3 is no longer my back scratcher.  In fact, I’ve gone down quite a few paths that temporarily filled that hole.  TOR (which I might go back to in the fall), Grimrock (which is amazing and worth the price), Quest for Glory Anthology (I still get some sessions in, lots of fun) and D3 (just…disappointing).  Rift has always been on my map and I played it on and off for the first year.  I had unsubbed when I saw a good run of games coming down the pipe.

Time has come to jump back in!  On Greybriar on the Guardian side with the typical Asmiroth and alternate names if you want to give it a shot.  I am really looking forward to the expansion and getting ready for patch 1.9 with some cool new features.  I praise Trion for their ability to provide quality content at a very good pace so I might as well put my money where my mouth is.

I honestly think that they will be the gold standard for MMOs once MoP comes out and underwhelms the masses.  The kicker is that because of the D3/WoW 1 year deal, the sub numbers will be static but the actual servers will start merging in the fall.  Fingers crossed that when that happens, Blizzard can get back to making quality games for gamers rather than games for profit.  Trion has that part down solid.

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