Oh EA, You Almost Had It

In a move that surprised all cave-dwelling Martians, EA has declared that Steam Sales hurt IPs.  This coming 1 week after Origin’s 1/2 off every game (all 4 of them) sale no less.

I like Steam and make no illusions about it.  The service is quick, simple, secure and non-intrusive and has a library of thousands of games.  Origin is none of those.  It is so far from Steam that I would barely call it an online game service.

Steam’s ability to promote and package indie sales allows developers to reach an audience they would not have otherwise.  Would you buy an indie game for 20$ or for 5$?  Maybe after trying one company’s game, you’ll be more willing to try another?  It seems every day there’s some sort of sale going on and it isn’t so much about waiting for something to go on sale as to take advantage of the sales that are available.

This is the same reason that WalMart and co. make money.  Put various items on sale and have impulse buyers pick it up.  They don’t need it, probably never heard of it, but it’s a good deal so they buy it.  To say that this cheapens an IP when you increase market penetration is so absolutely ridiculous that I have trouble believing it was said in the first place.  Plus, it’s from a company that has pillaged every IP it has to mind-blowing proportions.

Yet another drop in the bucket as to why I won’t buy EA games.  They just don’t get it.

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