Take Me to Ponytown

It took a bit but I finally unlocked Whimsyshire, Diablo 3’s answer to the Cow Level of D2.  The link has the info as to where the items drop and it was pretty smooth, except for two parts.  The plans from Izual take time since it’s a ~5 minute trek to get to him and a 10% drop rate.  The Gibbering Gemstone drops from a boss that has a chance to spawn in a cave that has a chance to spawn.  Getting to the cave is fast, lightning fast, but it’s still 20-50 runs on average.

Trained my blacksmith, paid the 100K for Wirt’s Bell and 50K to make the darn thing and off I went in Normal.  Access to other difficulties requires you to kill Izual – essentially be on the last quest of the game in Act 4 – then buy the next recipe from a vendor in Bastion Keep.  Nightmare cost me 100K to make and took the first staff, which is fine and dandy by me.

There are a few neat things about Whimsyshire that I should share, above the fact that you know, it’s ponies, teddy bears and clouds.

  • all enemies are melee only with no special attacks
  • champions roam around, though I’ve yet to see a unique
  • enemies are about equal in difficulty to the last enemies in the game (late act 4)
  • the zone is made up of roads more than open spaces, making combat much easier
  • it’s a loot pinata

Playing in a group is a blast and probably one of the best designed zones in the entire game.  Minus the Act 3 bridge crossing segment, that thing rocks.

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