TOR Layoffs

In the ever continuing saga of TOR misery, BioWare announced layoffs this week.  Sadly, the community manager, Stephen Reid, was let go along with a fair chunk of others.  I always feel bad for anyone losing their job, especially in the US economy.  I feel especially bad about this because a blind monkey living on a cave on Mars could have predicted the future of TOR.  For the record, once again, I will state that the 1-49 gameplay is amazing and a fairly solid single player game.  Basically it’s KOTOR3 for that section, which lasts about 50 hours of gametime if you plow through it, 120 if you listen to every conversation.

The problem was, is and will be level 50.  It’s next to impossible to find a group, there is a distinct lack of content (things to do), PvP is still greatly unbalanced, the economy is broken, companions mean nothing (they were huge all the way through to 49) and community tools are non-existent.

EA is firmly realizing the gigantic errors that were made for TOR and hedging their bets on some other IPs – like the Battlefield franchise, which will make more money in the first week than TOR will make this entire year.

TOR will find a solid spot at 500K players once enough tools are there.  It’s too bad cause they had a solid chance to stay well above 1 million if they had spent resources on the MMO part of the game rather than the single player portion.

Compare TOR’s overall sales of over 2 million boxes to Diablo 3’s 6million in sales.  I would not have thought that there were less Star Wars fans than Diablo fans.

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