Day 2 and Activision

Day 2 for D3 was a bit better.  This time I could log on but there was still some rubber banding issues.  Servers went down for a 15 minute restart near 9 and came back up after 10.  So, 3 cheers for Blizzard’s inability to launch a service that they’ve been running for years?  Still, there are no monthly fees here so I can’t complain too much.

My biggest gripe with D3 is that you have no idea how your class plays from 1-5 or so.  All classes are pretty much identical here but are either ranged or melee.  This is sort of how WoW was for the first 20 or so levels – and every other MMO for that matter.  D2 had you in your class from the start, so it’s kind of weird to have to play 2 hours to get an idea of the  synergy within a given class’ skill set.

I killed the Skeleton King last night, an old boss from the first Diablo.  This one was a bit more hectic but a lot less difficult with a ranged attacker.  Fun battle, lots of enemies, decent challenge.  Good combination.  Pretty sure this is where the beta ended too.

We’ll see how it goes tonight.

Activision (aka the Devil)

So when Infinity Ward sent out Call of Duty MW2 and then Activision fired the 2 leads, I was perplexed.  The 2 devs that left (among others) sued for a pile of money and Activision played dumb.  Recently, Activision payed them $42 million (up from the 36 asked) and then settled after the fact for even more money.

The kicker of it all was that Bobby Kotick (CEO of Activision) led a campaign to find incriminating evidence on the group to get them fired and not have to pay them.  Project Icebreaker.  Amazing.

So now the thing is settled, the gents got way more money than they were asking for, their reputation has been restored, Activision looks like an even bigger pile of douchebags and the bar of disreputable behavior has been lowered once again.  Victory!

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