Big Day!

Today’s a pretty big day in gaming for a couple reasons.  Naturally, Diablo 3 is launching today though I’m not sure if that market is actually much larger than those WoW players who pre-ordered.  I think it was something like 1.2 million pre-orders from that alone.  Aamzon says it broke the pre-order records but didn’t give any numbers.  Fingers crossed that it’s a good game and not the first Blizzard release post-Activision merger (Starcraft 2 started before).

Next up is Max Payne 3.  A little secret but I consider Max Payne one of the foundation pillars of modern shooters.  Bullet Time was an amazingly well executed tool to help give the illusion of power to players and has been replicated ad-nausea since.  Think of every slow-mo boss kill, that started because of Max Payne.  You want a story in your shooter?  Max Payne brought great writing to the table (and CoD and BF killed it).  Reviews are good so far from people who like games.  People who want another brain dead shooter won’t enjoy it though.

Finally and most importantly, Good Old Games launched the Quest for Glory anthology.  I remember the Christmas I got the original EGA game – I was ecstatic.  10 years old, we had a computer (which was amazing at the time in itself) and I had an RPG from Sierra.  You know, the makers of King’s Quest, Police Quest, Space Quest.  The Coles did an amazing job here and I spent a stupid amount of time playing what is a simple game.  I never found the second game but I did play the 3rd – without a mouse.  All in the days before the internet and the chance for a game guide!  I missed the 4th (which is notoriously buggy) but bought the 5th, which was the first in 3-D.  Good game.

I broke my gaming RPG teeth on this series – a pleasant mix of puzzles and humor with some RPG stats.  It didn’t take itself seriously (as none of the Quest games did) so it was a much more enjoyable experience than say Ultima or Wasteland.  For 10$, you can’t go wrong on one of the best gaming experiences you will ever play.  Of special note, you can find QfG2 – VGA version on the net for free.  It works just like the EGA version but if you don’t want to type commands, it’s mouse-featured.

Today is a great day in gaming!


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