TOR Subs

Reports are out for SWTOR this quarter and their subs have dropped to 1.3 million from a high in Feburary of 1.7 million.  This is expected really, as a drop of 20% from the launch is a pretty good stat!

The real head scratcher though is what EA Bosses are saying about the drop.  Apparently, the casuals have not stayed with the game.  Now if you’ve played the game, the only people who are left are the casuals.  The entire point of the last expansion pack was to appeal to casuals.  The Legacy system is all about creating alternate characters, which is the exact definition of a casual player.  There’s nothing in there for hardcore players now, it’s all been consumed.

Another odd point is if the stats take into account the free 30 days people got for re-subbing when the last patch came out.  I’m going for yes, which further boosts the numbers.

At the end of the day though, I’m still hopeful that they can keep around 1 million subs for the long term. Guild Wars 2 is due in a few weeks, Diablo 3, The Secret War and the WoW expansion.  TERA has launched too, further diluting the pool.  TOR needs to succeed otherwise BioWare might go the way of the dodo.

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