What Happens in Vegas…

So after 5 days in Vegas, I’m wrecked.  Came pretty close to the budget I thought (about 2K, flight and all) so that’s good.

Vegas, if you’re there for the typical Vegas Bash, is such an exaggeration it nears the absurd.  Anything you want to do – shoot machine guns, swim with animals, swim, watch movies, see Monet, hooters everywhere and drugs aplenty – are at your disposal with the right amount of cash on hand.  It’s uncompromising debauchery and the Sin City earns it’s name.

I did have a good group of guys to head down with and that’s what kept the time fun.  If you’re laughing all the time, then it’s all good.

Some interesting points:

  • Smoking everywhere.  Coming from a smoke-free city (heck country practically) this made me nauseous indoors
  • Every woman under 30 dresses like a hooker past 10pm.  The only way to tell them apart is the regular women can’t walk in 8 inch heels.
  • People bring newborns/infants out on the street at 1am
  • You can get cheap food if you look hard enough.  Quick food is expensive though (10$ for 2 coffees)
  • There is Vegas at 7am, Vegas at noon, Vegas at 10pm and Vegas at 2am.  They are 4 different cities.
  • Prepare to walk – alot – if you’re not in the middle of the strip.  Even then.
  • Vegas off-strip is incredibly poor and in shambles.  Quite the contrast.
  • There are next to no quiet spots.
  • If you’re female and in a bar, you’ll get asked to go to a room.  Even if you’re sitting with someone else.
  • If you’re in a group of males, expect working women and drugs to be offered
  • I didn’t see/hear any slot machines go off for the 5 days and I was in the casinos a lot.  That struck me as odd since the lone casino here seems to have at least 1 machine ring an hour – even for small amounts.
  • Booze and food, in the typical american fashion, is served in large amounts.  Drinks have 3-4 ounces of liquor.  Food plates could feed a family of 3.
  • Every service person has a smile and is polite.  Guess they know they can be replaced with ease and a smile makes money.
  • Food budget should be around 100$ per day for mid-range food.  A half-decent restaurant will be 75-150$ per meal though.

Did it, don’t regret it, won’t go back.

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