Mor Tor

SWTOR patch 1.2 hit and then bugged out the servers.  People got a free day of play.  Those players who were not level 50 and didn’t get a free month of play now do – pending the fact that they are at legacy level 6.  On top of that, I got an email this week saying I can play for free until Saturday. Then if I re-sub by the 22nd, I get another free month.

Holy bananas Batman!  I’m certainly not against free play time and correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t SWTOR < 4 months old?  Had I kept my original sub, I would have payed for 3 months and gotten 2 free ones.  I think only FF14 comes close to value for dollar in that regard.

1.2 added the Legacy system (which was supposed to be in at launch), a new dungeon and a new raid.  There are some changes to crafting, in order to make it actually worthwhile to do at 50.  Up until this point, every system in the game stopped providing value at 49.  Then you needed to grind dungeons for anything useful.  PvP still has some serious issues, though gearing is a bit better.  Some guild tools are in, which again, should have been in a while ago.  Still a broken AH 😦

I don’t necessarily want SWTOR to fail – quite the opposite in fact.  The entire subscription MMO market is depending on some moderate success for this game, otherwise we won’t see another until Blizzard’s Titan (if that’s not F2P to start).  Mind you, if it does fail, I wouldn’t mind Rift taking up the players.  They are putting out patch 1.9 shortly, with even more content – fishing is in!  How is it that they are so friggin’ agile in development, with admittedly fewer resources and the two big boys on the block are on 4-6 month cycles?

Perhaps not today but once the next WoW expansion hits and 2 months go without any additional content we’re going to see a shift in the MMO space.  Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, Rift and the entire F2P market all have faster content machines and charge less to access it.  WoW costs ~180$ per year and you’re lucky if you get 2 content patches (there have been 3 since Oct 2011 – 18 months).  You’re paying 60$ per patch or you could be paying 20$ per for Rift, 10-20$ for any F2P game.  Heck, Grimrock is giving me dozens of hours of content for 15$.

Come on BioWare.  Show us you can manage an MMO.  Show us you want our money.  Show us you invested in more than voice overs and actually planned ahead.  Please.

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