Just got back from seeing Goon.  My face hurts from the laughs.  Other’s might disagree but I think it’s our generation’s Slapshot.

If you’ve ever played a game yourself, then you can see the authenticity in the game throughout the movie.  There’s no flying V.  There are no offsides.  Even the goon parts are reasonable expectations for a match.  And the fights, wow.  Give the director of photography a medal since it’s the sort of stuff most people wouldn’t even catch.

The film starts off pretty strong and speedy.  Quite a few solid fights in there but it’s not that part that really keeps the movie going.  The main character is just a whole pile of honest, yet stupid, nice guy.  People around him just seem to improve as the film goes along and trust me, there are very few nice guys in the film.

The middle portion bogs a bit with a love story of a sorts.  It has less bearing in the main story and the characters don’t really progress but it gives a chance for people to take a breather before the final 20 minutes.

That final 20 minute, especially the last 5 are just, wow.  My face hurt from thinking about taking those punches.  Seeing two grown men beat the crap out of each other, standing toe to toe is something that just does not exist in any other sport.  Seeing it in the movie is near identical to the mythical fights I’ve seen on the ice.

So if you’re in the mood for a good laugh, a decent hockey flick or just some big hands, take a chance on Goon.

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