Diablo 3

So apparently D3 will ship without any PvP.  I am a pessimist here, certainly, but after Starcraft got split into 3 games as a huge money grab, it makes you wonder why after 5 years of development they can’t put this system in – especially since it was one of their key selling points when they announced the game.

I guess the entire system re-write that happened a month or so ago was enough to tell them their game isn’t ready.  We’ll find out next week what the exact launch date is (once the media NDA lifts) and what systems are going to be included.

The good news is that Blizzard had a solid iterative development process.  They aren’t afraid to dump entire mechanics that aren’t working.  The bad news is that it took nearly 6 months of beta to figure that out – making any testing from this point forward seem rushed.

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