Big Bang and Women

My wife really likes the Big Bang Theory.  Let’s be honest off the bat, each character is a child with social issues.  My wife works with kids, some of which have similar issues so I guess she finds humor in the related events.  I enjoy it for the subtle pokes and inside jokes.  I dislike it because it’s one-dimensional characters and stereotyping.  Fun line.

Last Friday had the 4 male characters get together for a LAN (ish) party to play SWTOR.  Makes you wonder how much EA paid them but I digress.  Each had to deal with commitments with their significant other in conflict with just being with the guys.  One of the female characters decides to inch-in on the MMO goodness and is portrayed as a stereotypical newbie gamer (cue Pew Pew sound effects).  Others have mentioned this episode as grating for various reasons.  Dumbing down women, having women with vendettas, social stigmas and an atrocious version of what an MMO actually is.

My personal issue is the premise that a) women can’t game and b) you can’t game with your SO.  I know that my wife doesn’t get drawn to MMOs but she’s a sucker for a puzzle game.  Puzzle Quest, Plants vs Zombies and now Smurfs Village have kept her awake late at night.  Every person needs the diversion of games, be it electronic or physical sport.  Your mind requires that you divert it in order to assimilate information.  To say that a doctor of biology can’t grasp the concept of games (either their mechanics or their need) is startling.

Women make great gamers and in some cases, they are the primary market for games.  I think I’m at the point of no longer hoping that the BBT provides some form of social commentary (a-la Seinfeld) rather than just sticking to baseline stereotypes.  It really seems to have reached a point where there is nothing new to see.

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