Growing Up

I was/am a huge Lost fan.  This is partly due to my curious nature but also due to the fact that the series had a mythical edge to it.  Who doesn’t like myths?  I have the entire series and decided to catch up recently.

There are strong parts and weak parts.  Watching knowing what’s coming or rather why something is occurring now makes it a different experience yet a rewarding one all the same.  Those tiny details I might have missed the first or second or third time now shine as beacons of structure.  Also, since you know the “secret” of it all you tend to focus more on the characters and their intricacies.  It’s really the only part that remains a mystery since their inner workings are never truly revealed.  As the show progressed, they matured, grew and died.  You become attached to them and kind of fit into their shoes.

The other interesting factor is that I’m now a father.  The final episode aired a couple months before I had my daughter and re-watching the episodes with this new paradigm shifts my appreciation for it.  I have a new appreciation for the links between the various characters.  Their motivations, struggles, failures and triumphs have a tremendously different impact today compared to only 2 years ago.

The sense of loss of someone else when you yourself have little to lose is a fleeting emotion.  You’re unable to properly empathize with them and that provides a different view to the show.  With a new set of values today, I can better relate to all of the characters as I feel I’ve been in most of their shoes.  I have been Charlie and had a hate for the world.  I have been Bernard and dedicated to his better half.  I had not been Claire to understand the loss of a child.  Or Jack’s undying need for his father’s affection.  These characters were shells to me.  Great shells but shells that I could not see have any substance.  Add a new life experience to the mix and the missing pieces of the puzzle are starting to fill.  When the picture is complete, when you can grasp the intricacies that people put so much effort into portraying, you really gain a new appreciation of the art form.

Finally, the flipside is that as a human I can take those on-screen experiences and put myself into those situations.  This has an effect of making you reflect on your own priorities and values.  This added introspection is welcome and the true sign of personal growth.  So in a way, I have grown alongside these characters and though my struggles have been different, we each have gained insight into the true meaning of our lives and I am thankful for the trip.

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