ToR Guild Summit

Darth Hater has a good sum of the Guild Summit that happened this weekend.

There are some interesting tidbits

  • New operations
  • New flashpoints
  • New PvP
  • Better stat distribution on gear
  • Better testing/balance on new content
  • Guild tools
  • Rebuild of uses of crafting skills at 50
  • Changes to economy at 50 (80% of players are under 400k – I can get 400K in about 2 hours work running 1 dungeon)
  • Dual spec won’t be in this patch
  • New legacy system, unlocks cosmetic items and heroic abilities
  • Sprint moving to level 1 (YES!)
  • LFG tool still a patch or more away
  • UI mods coming

So all in all, lots of stuff they talked about.  Some good questions were asked and the answers were fine.  It still marks me as funny that TOR is admitting their economics/crafting system is clearly broken and the 2 most demanded items (LFG and Dual Spec) are still many months away.  Still, there’s progress.  I guess I’ll keep the game on my radar and once those two features are on, I’ll jump in.

Oh, the most interesting item I read was that nearly 40% of players did Operations (raids).  I have to say that an 8 man raid, that has 5 bosses and takes as much time as a dungeon (and less challenge) sure does make for accessible content.  Rift did this with, uh, rifts but it’s nice to see that this trend is continuing.  Will be interesting to see how WoW adapts to this “standard”.

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