TOR Patch 1.2 is the Biggest Ever

After reading another Q&A session from BW, it just seems like they are putting the entire kitchen sink in their next major patch.  4 pages of crafting changes?  Doesn’t that just scream “we really mucked it up the first go”?  From what they say, 1.2 will have zero content and be entirely bug/feature fixes.  And there’s still no release date.  Not even for the LFG tool, which is so badly needed.

Oh, their PvP framerate answer is great.

You should see evidence of this work as soon as Patch 1.1.5, when we will be introducing a new ‘very low’ setting to shader quality, which should drastically increase the number of mid-to-low machines the game can run well on, especially in Warzones and Operations.

People with amazing rigs (me included) have exceptional framerate issues and massive memory leaks in PvP.  The Hero engine they are using is meant for single player games and the primary reason that all content is limited to 16 players at a time (compared to 40 vs 40 in WoW for example).  It’s unfortunate that in 2012, the toolset of a multi-million dollar MMO is not much better than that used on mobile phones.

Regardless of all this, if 1.2 releases a LFG tool, fixes crafting (near re-write actually), addresses the performance issues, fixes the still outstanding PvE bugs and reduces the difficulty of hardmode flashpoints it has a chance to get back a lot of people who have already quit.  Here’s hoping!

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