Now What?

So now that SWTOR is out of the picture what do I do with my gaming time?

I finished Mass Effect 1 Saturday.  It was quicker than all my previous attempts because I completely ignored the Mako.  That stupid ship was more of a pain than anything else and it provided nothing to the game.  Well, there were 2 optional quests I did (one for Wrex, another for a specialization).  The game’s mechanics ages well but the graphics do not.  Especially after comparing to Mass Effect 2.  The inventory also doesn’t work for me.  I like that I could mod items but not that I had 150 items to mod with.  Maybe have the various mod types but have them upgrade as I find better versions?

Mass Effect 2 sort of fixes the equipment issue but gives you a total of 15 guns (3-4 per category) and no real upgrades.  You also have less powers, per player.  It really feels limited and more of a corridor shooter than an RPG – one of the main reasons it does not have any map.  The story is less unified but each individual chapter is better than its predecessor.  The interface is slightly improved but there was never anything really outstanding on the first.  The game is more about the illusion of choice for 90% of the game as the final outcome is based 99% on the extra quests you take, not their results.  Wonder how ME3 will fix that.

MMO space, I have nearly 2 months left on my Rift account so I logged in quickly to see what had changed in the past 6 months.  New zones, enemies, equipment, changes to souls and an alternate advancement path (not too powerful but a good choice).  So I logged on to my 50, reset my talents and did the following in the first 30 minutes of play:

  • reset builds on my 5 talent builds
  • tested each build on a target dummy (normal, boss and healing)
  • searched for an exact item on the auction house
  • completed some achievements
  • joined a dynamic event with 20 other people
  • joined a targetted PvP match in the zone of my choosing
  • finally entered the LFG queue (which took about an hour to clear).

Not a single one of these things can be done in TOR.

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