Diablo 3 Gold Making

You know those gold guides for WoW where there really wasn’t anything new in them?  Just sound market sense?  Well, the same guy who did big with WoW is doing it for Diablo 3.

In WoW (and Rift too actually) I used spreadsheets to figure out costs and profits.  I found out the base cost of making all my glyphs and if I could make 20 gold per, I would make it.  It took a while to get some good numbers to base and get all the skills ready but I tried it for a month and made over 200K gold back in Lich King.  Consider that a player, starting from scratch, to acquire all skills and all mounts and some gear would probably need about 5K total (due to cash taken while leveling) you can see how this was a fair amount.

Anyhow, D3 is going to have an auction house but for real money (as well as fake money).  Blizz will take a cut, so there will be always more money going in than coming out.  Sort of like eBay.  The main difference is that none of the items you buy are real.  So you get into a legal issue where Blizzard will have to either make you sign a waiver saying none of the items are yours, even if you bought them OR they will have to insure items in game.  Which do you think they’ll do?

The point remains that people will spend real money to buy things, just like they did in Diablo 2 and most MMOs.  This time, Blizz will ensure they get a cut and essentially set a ceiling for gold farmers.  The bottom will still be gold farmers though.  That’s not going away – especially with the quality of bots today.

Ironically the person selling the guides was banned from D3 beta for selling the guides.  He can’t make money off the game during beta.  An interesting proposition.