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Total Biscuit has an interview with the lead designer on end game content for SWTOR.  The answers given are great I’m just curious as to why they aren’t currently in game.  Just more fuel that the game didn’t launch when it was ready.  Still, it’s nice to hear stuff is planned and those plans make sense.

WoW news again!  Blessing of Kings (a hardcore raider) has a nice post about how Blizzard tried to appease the hardcore and lose 2 million subscribers.  Ipso facto, hardcore raiders are not the target demographic for WoW from a business perspective.  My previous post explaining how the LFR (looking for raid) tool has helped WoW players see content (and thus provide value for effort for Blizzard) is a shinning example of this.  Sort of like a company that spends 90% of it’s time developing something that only 1% of its clients will use and sells it at the same price.  Stupid.