Race to World First

A nice doc on the elite raider mentality.  The first 40 minutes are about the people while the last 20 is an actual account of the race to world first in Cataclysm at launch.

Two items of note.  First, you can see a large difference in between the Europeans and Americans social skills and values set.  The former is dedicated yet quiet while the latter is boisterous and conflicted.  Second is the amount of time EU players have to invest in order to progress.  Either their social system is more conducive to getting the time off from other engagements or there’s something in the water.  I think it might have more to do with the social stigma attached to extreme gaming that exists in NA.  Asians have schools for Starcraft and some of the best FPS players are in the EU.

Some of the highlights for me are:

– geek saturation is well past the point of social acceptance and worn as a badge of honor

– the prime age of a extreme gamer seems to be under 30 due to real-life constraints.  Akin to the 40 year old football player.

– the sport is in flux.  Hockey has been around 100 years but WoW certainly won’t.

– fame is international at the gaming platform.  Maybe 500,000 people know who Max Keeping is but millions know of Paragon or Ensidia.  Strange to look at that measure of scope.


Not sure how long the video will be free to watch though.

Race to World First from Looking for Group Productions on Vimeo.