Uncharted 3

I finished the campaign for Uncharted 3 last night.  Last month I had replayed Uncharted 2, just to get into the feel of things before this one came out.  It’s surely one of the best games on the PS3, making the last few weeks interesting in games (Batman and Skyrim too).

Compared to the second one, the game engine is superior.  Worlds are bigger, much better lit and with a whole lot more movement.  A melee system – with counters and throws – has been added, which brings some needed depth to the game.  Water plays a really big role, as does fire and they both look amazing.  There are 2 ocean sections that just feel as if you’re part of the action, really well done.  The music is also top notch, with grand scores that play at the right times and push you more into the plot.  There are less guns, which is actually a good thing.  2 shotguns, 2 rifles, 4 pistols is more than enough.  Of course, you have the RPG, sniper and grenade launcher for those tougher fights.

What is missing is pacing.  The game has tremendous ups and downs without much reason.  The real start of the game doesn’t happen til at least 2 hours in and some of the fight scenes just draw on for much too long.  The last 3 chapters are of such high difficulty when compared to the rest if makes you wonder how it was tested.  Also missing are puzzles – not that previous ones had a ton but this game has you moving from point A to B, in a straight line much too often without having to figure something out.  Granted the wall hanging portions are cool, there is only one that I would consider fun. I want a reason to open my notebook and see the art and story and at the 1/3 point, I just don’t need it anymore.  A shame.

Overall, a great game and a worthy purchase.  Best system and mechanics than the previous but poorer pacing and story.